The Wolfpack is BACK!

I’m not sure if it’s because New Years Eve, Christmas and Valentine’s day have all occurred or if theirs just something in the water but recently I can’t seem to pick up a magazine, check out a movie site or log on to facebook without being bombarded by something or other WEDDING. (add engagements and all things white and frilly…)

and I’ve had enough – don’t people have anything better to do then obsess? Sparkles and their inherent fabulous-ness  aside, most of the flicks involve some form of cheating and/or lustful ego-maniacal behavior by one or more of the wedding party…  the Hangover Part II is the exception. (Stu’s getting married!)

With the promise of Bangkok being crazier then Vegas, a reappearance of all 4 of the guys as well as Mr. Chow and Mike Tyson it’s going to be hard to disappoint. (oh – and did you catch that Liam Neeson will be playing ‘Tattoo Man’ ?!) ..and does anyone know why Bill Clinton (yes, as in former President) has a credit on

It’s one wedding movie I can honestly say I’m beyond excited to see!


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