the Style of Winona Hawkins (Justified)

Winona Hawkins played by Natalie Zea

I’m absolutely obsessed with the show Justified (on FX) …I think the writing is brilliantly refreshing, very honest and the attention to detail is something you really don’t see too often anymore. Detail like how perfectly each character’s personality is expressed in the most subtly ways – especially through fashion.

Their costume department does a really specific job – down to the last little piece of jewelry – to convey emotion through clothes.

Winona’s outfits are usually very simple, clean lines with colors in the same family or complimentary, very light on the floral patterns and I can’t remember ever seeing her in something wild like animal or African prints. Her clothes don’t scream modern or vintage – they could easily transcend decades.

Her jewelry adds a glint of sparkle. Sometimes it hints of color but it’s mostly your basic metals, never mixed.

If you had to sum up her style it’d be subtle detailing, ladylike.

Want to dress like Winona? I recommend checking out:


Express                                                                                                                                       Ann Taylor

Banana Republic

ASOS (one & two)


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