Charles Dickens Birthday!

by far my favorite piece of work from him was Little Dorrit – which weaves many characters from different classes (which have a habit of changing) together

it’s a doozy at (depending on which version give or take) 859 pages – so don’t expect to read it in one night

If you’re more for the visual – go for the BBC mini-series from 2008 – it’s by far my favorite film adaptation! And features an incredible cast and serious attention to detail by the costume department (not to mention props and setting – and the script!)

Even if British classic literature isn’t your thing – give it a shot – you can find a lot of parallels to modern day in the stories and the characters are so honestly acted I’d give it the first 15minutes before you’ve been sucked into their lives. I mean, who doesn’t love a good drama/mystery, right?

(yes, that’s Andy Serkis – who played Gollum in Lord of the Rings – loved him as Rigaud!)


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