Betsey Johnson love and favorites!

I just watched the Betsey Johnson New York Fashion Week show online – I absolutely adore her!

I think one of the best things was the pre-show – Betsey is so much fun! she seems like the type who would make a great bestie, super nice and fun! I find her to be really inspirational – her whole philosophy on being good to others – such a great way to look at life!

and ohwow she did a cartwheel and split at the end of the show! (and she’s a grandma) I hope she ends up writing that book they were talking about!

these are some of my favorites from her Macy’s (a bit more affordable) line…

and some favorites from her Spring 2012 show!

I love Betsey Johnson (dresses in particular)  – they’re so feminine and fun and fit so, so well! and I love how unafraid she is with color and patterns!


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  1. Oooh I wished I lived in the states 🙂 Love the collection….

  2. OMGoodness! I adore her Spring 2012 line, so light & flowy. Besty has always been one of my favs, she’s just so colorful, bright and spirited!

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