Hunger Games Premiere Fashion!

after looking at the fashion on the Hunger Games premiere carpet – it was these two ladies that really stuck out!


the gown’s shimmer is just right, not too shiny, not too dull  – camera picks it up perfectly, and  I bet it’s just as fabulous in person

the cut-outs added shape, and the hint of mesh was perfectly placed

I loved the train and slit as well – if only, I would grab this dress up for my closet in a second!

I liked that she paired the gown with a shoe that had a pop of color (blue always looks great with gold) instead of the usual metal

the men looked quite dapper – I miss three piece suits!

and one of their ladies, not in the movie, really impressed in an Emilio Pucci! Two piece dresses aren’t usually my thing, but the intricate bead work coupled with the added edgy-ness of exposed gold zippers and the sheer in the band and maxi skirt definitely sold me. It’s a classier and more artistic than usual midriff baring ensemble.

ps. love the bob, ombre hair!


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