Simple Stir Fry Dinner

the pictures aren’t the best, but they’ll work… my phone died while using instagram – oops!

This is a simple Stir Fry you can throw together in half an hour no problem! Perfect for those busy schedules…



-mushrooms (sliced)

-snap peas (chopped)

-red and yellow peppers (chopped)

-onion (chopped)

*Sauce for the chicken (we used Blair’s Heat Chipotle Slam Exotic Hot Sauce – it’s amazingly good!)

toss your veggies in a wok or saute pan with just enough butter so they’re lightly coated/won’t stick to the pan. cover with a lid on medium low heat (4 for my oven).  stir them occasionally. *you want to add your mushrooms after the other veggies – once they’re close to being tender toss in the mushrooms so they don’t overcook. remove from heat when tender and drain any excess liquid. **make sure not to over cook – you don’t want them mushy.

while you’re veggies cook…

add your chicken breasts. as they cook they’ll become easy to break up into strips. once in strips (and not fully cooked) add sauce (amount to your preference).

while your veggies and chicken cook…

make your rice! (this recipe can also work with couscous – my personal fave!)

once your chicken and veggies are ready…

toss them in the pan together and mix so the veggies become lightly coated with the sauce.

serve! (YUM)


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