the Avengers! (aka welcome to summer)

pulling in 207.4Million domestically and $654.8Million globally at the box office (according to Marvel) I think it’s safe to assume the 2012 Summer blockbuster season has officially started!

and what a fun movie to start with!

I say fun because, let’s face it, strip away all the action/comedy/visual effects…you don’t get much substance (but hey, isn’t that what all of these single character flicks are for?) Speaking of…

2013: Thor 2 (yay more Tom Hiddleston!…I absolutely ADORE this actor and his portrayal of Loki!) & Iron Man 3

2014: Captain America 2

I loved all the appreciation to detail in the set design

Have I mentioned how much I adore Loki?! He’s twisted and pathetic and acted so honestly by Tom Hiddleston (he’s probably one of my favorite Marvel characters in all their films)

the wit is a serious plus

I liked how they threw in little ‘we haven’t forgotten you’ bits about the other characters so engrained in the other films but not included in this one…like Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster

Foreshadowing? Not according to IMDB but we’ll see…

These two characters hinted at depth; and you definitely were cheering for their mega-kickass-skills but never really got into the characters because you never really knew them. They would definitely  have pretty kick-ass films! but their filming schedules probably won’t allow it anytime soon. especially Jeremy Renner, who seems to be in every 4th installation of major action flick these days (so excited to see him in a Bourne film!)

behind the scenes (how awesome will the deleted scenes/behind the scenes/featurettes on the DVD be?!)

I did like the wit, and the fun had in all the action and amazing assembly of cast – Joss Whedon knows his Marvel (anyone else loving the fact he threw Thanos in after the credits?) and how about Robert Downey Jr.’s shwarma ad-lib?! I would have preferred more depth – but I expect that in the solo-projects …

At it’s core it’s just a summer popcorn big blockbuster film… but it’s a film you should definitely go see!


and for fun

(admit it, a cameo from Barney would have been LEGEN-wait-for-it-DARY ; )

: )


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