Breakfast-y Brunch Deliciousness!

Last night, I fell asleep so early! and by fell asleep I mean out like a light!

so today I’m making up for my lack of posting…to start… BREAKFAST!

we made Omelettes!

Begin by scrambling eggs together (their were 2 of us and I used 6 eggs with a dash of water)

chop up the veggies and such you would like to include. we used red peppers, onions, mushrooms, and black olives.

toss chopped goodness into the scrambled eggs.

add mixture to lightly coated, non-stick pan. to create the shell for easy folding (your goal is to easily divide the goodness right down the middle, than fold each side over so it creates 2 pieces the size of a quarter of the pan)

you want to keep the heat at just above medium until you’re able to properly fold the pieces over.

once folded, lightly push down, expelling uncooked juices/egg, reduce the heat to medium low and cover with a large pan top.

if not cooked to your satisfaction, remove the top and turn quarter pieces over.

*I added some chopped broccoli to my half

voilà, enjoy!


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