Fashionable Coupling: Joshua Jackson & Diane Kruger

I absolutely love this couple’s style – it always seems so effortless and fun! (did you see that neck-tie?!) not to mention the edgy/fun style of her dress!

She’s always so elegant!

and it’s great how they bring such personality to their clothing! (pink shoes/white and cream pairing)

LOVE the edgy boots and classic trench combo…and is he wearing a vest?! super love!

LOVE this one too! her dress is so pretty! and the accessories pairing is excellent (did I mention how I want to get the bf in a grey suit now? ; )

pocket square!

one of my favorite outfits! seriously considering a re-create.

the Mirror (yea…I know, bear with me…) did a piece on their style as a couple at Cannes! (& Coachella)

ps. apparently one of the principles to being stylish is driving a SUPER STYLISH (and by that, I also mean wicked cool!) car


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