5 things I’m LOVING…

5 things I’m LOVING at the moment



Kirsten Dunst wore this gorgeous dress at Cannes; I love the unique beading and the deeper shade of blue and silver as accent for pastel – I LOVE pastels in the early summer…clothes, accessories, makeup, nails – make it pastel in June!


I’ve been in a real ‘Alice in Wonderland’ mood – I LOVEd this stylized version and thought Mia Wasikowskadid a great interpretation of the character (gotta appreciate a female character with strength, a good head on her shoulders, and femininity).


spotted these on Cupcakes and Cashmere (LOVE that blog …and be sure to check out her new book! very exciting!) – and am dying to find some Stateside or in Canada! They’d be the cutest little attention to detail for having friends over for tea! (which I do a lot!)


LOVE this! sometimes a happy, silly picture is all you need to perk you up on a stressful day!


the bf doesn’t really understand what this is… but I LOVE it! and It’d be such a gorgeous addition to our future apartment decoration! (keeping my fingers crossed he’ll come around)




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