Monday Munchies: Egg in Pepper

Hello strangers! & Happy Monday 😉

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve posted; here’s to a new structure, new look – a great deal has happened since I was actively posting; so I figured it’s about time to share some recipes, travel tips, and projects big and small – and of course, fashion! in a new way.

p.s. I’ve kicked off a daily outfit blog; O(h!)n a Budget where you can check out my outfit ideas for the office, casual weekends, teas, and all manner of parties!


Monday’s recipe: Egg in Pepper

 Super simple; quick & easy filling breakfast – Start by buttering your sauté pan; slice a thick piece of pepper; make sure it’s a complete ring, no cracks. Press the pepper firmly to the pan and crack a single egg into the ring. Continue to press the pepper until you’re sure the egg won’t seep from beneath.

Let the egg firm slightly and add your pre-cooked rice, cut veggies of choice (I used peppers, hot peppers, and onion) around the pepper – there should still be enough butter so the rice and veggies won’t stick.

Cover the pan with a vented lid until the egg has firmed to your liking (less firm if you like runny yoke – above the yoke is cooked through). Top the egg with cheese, cover to melt.


et voilà – I added cut tomato and the Mr.’s favourite hot sauce.

For a healthier option – I chose quinoa over rice; adding fresh spinach and cut tomatoes, pepper, and onion.

Vented cover on low to solidify the egg and steam the veggies – and skipped the cheese.


Check back each Monday for new recipes! Each month we’ll be doing a breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert 🙂

*Make sure to press firmly enough on the pepper as you crack the egg; though it’s still just as tasty when it spills out the sides 😉

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