Monday Munchies: Broccoli and Ginger Pasta

Monday’s recipe: Broccoli and Ginger Pasta

The shortlist: pasta, butter (or olive oil, or coconut oil), fresh ginger, broccoli, onion, garlic clove, cumin, cinnamon, basil, pepper, vinegar*(or alternatives, skip to end to check)


Start by cooking your pasta; any type and texture works – I went with multi-spaghettini; strain and put aside.

Chop onions and garlic; desired amount. (I did a quarter of a small yellow onion, and a large clove of garlic). Take a good amount of what you use to sauté (be that butter, coconut oil, olive oil- I used butter) and add chopped onions and garlic; let soften and add spices: basil, cumin, cinnamon; sprinkle lightly across the pan; and a dash of pepper (three twists of the grinder should do it)


Cut and add broccoli, let slightly soften a few minutes. Add thin sliced ginger. Toss with sautéd veggies and spices.

After a few minutes place cooked, rinsed pasta on top of mixture; let warm.


Add a teaspoon of lemongrass mint white balsamic vinegar and toss pasta with veggies.

if you’re ever in Kennebunkport I highly recommend checking out this oil and vinegar infusions shop – so many unique flavours and the staff’s recommendations are fantastic every time.



A subtle pasta lunch. Hope you enjoy!

*I’m aware the vinegar may not be as easy to come by as the other ingredients – substitutes could be olive oil with a squeezed wedge of fresh lemon; chopped fresh mint (not too many leave as it could become overpowering.) or skip it all together (but I don’t recommend loosing the flavours)


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