Monday Munchies: Cheese, Bread, Apple, & Peanut Butter

It’s that time of day, and on a Monday no less, when breakfast is a distant memory, and lunch isn’t anytime soon – wait, is this a working lunch? #Mondays


For a quick snack fix; -grab a couple of slices of your favourite bread

-slice some cheese (I used cheddar, as it’s what we happened to have in the fridge that day)

-slice a small apple (the plate shows half; the other half was munched while preparing)

-grab your favourite spread (I’m a peanut butter addict; a spread that pairs classically well with apples and cheese)

-quickly grill up your grilled cheese (through a slice of butter into a medium heat pan, the butter should just coat the pan base, and toss on your sandwich. Make sure the bread is a toasty golden, flip; repeat. Voilà)

-on the remaining bread, spread your spread – and add apple slices.

And there you have it! A snack that’s both filling and insanely quick to prepare – hot and savory; perfect for the season, and to devour in a matter of minutes on a busy Monday.



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