Travel Tuesday: 5 Pre-Travel Basics

Whether you’re heading out on a long adventure, or a simple weekend away from home; here are 5 things you should do pre-trip.

1. Plan a detailed schedule for your plants and pets.

Pets: Who’s taking care of them? Are you boarding them? One month before your trip plan if someone’s feeding them, follow-up with that person two weeks before your trip, and a week before to hash out any issues that might have arisen; give them keys and any last minute information. Always leave a copy of the feeding information, as an easy reference, or in case someone else has to step in for a feeding or two; and any emergency numbers or other information they might need for care, on the table – easy for them to spot.

Plants: Make sure whoever is watering has no trouble getting into your living space; a week before your trip give them a copy of the keys. If you have a doorman, make sure they’re informed, or an entry code system for your apartment, make sure to do a run-through when you hand over the keys (and always double check your new key works on your lock – some can be poorly cut and stick, causing panic when you’re miles apart.)


2.Plan outfits pre-trip; base your outfits on versatility, comfort, and the weather report; double check the weather 3 days prior to leaving to avoid any surprise storm systems that might have developed since you first planned your outfits.

outfit pictured below includes: jeggings, Dr.Scholl’s booties (wedges, yet comfortable for all the miles walked), a lightweight shirt, knit sweater; and carrying a rain coat – layers give an ‘always prepared’ edge.


3.Pack 3days before your trip. This gives enough time for all of the laundry to have been washed, so you don’t find that one shirt you ‘just have to pack’ is in the dirty pile. And enough time before your trip that you won’t feel panicked or rushed to get it done. Layout everything to be sure you don’t have anything unnecessary (too many shoes? too many shirts? miscounted socks?) and then proceed to roll and pack.


4.Pack snacks; one of my biggest tricks to smooth traveling is planning out meals. While it’s not always possible to look up what food options are available in the airports you’ll have layovers in, let’s be honest – most times you travel it’s airport food, or you wait to eat post baggage claim, ride to the hotel, check-in; which can be another hour or more depending on a multitude of distances or delays. Always include a couple of simple, package sealed snacks; yes, healthy, homemade is an option – but I suggest if you’re packing dried fruit, granola bars, or roasted nuts you’ve made yourself – make sure it is securely sealed; and if packed in a ziplock, clearly label what it is. The easier it is for security to know what they’re looking at, the easier it is for you to pass through security.

pictured below: no snacks were packed, and our layover was a full hour before any of the airport bistros opened; no vending machines to be found.


5.Plan nothing for the day you depart; other than departing. This is the most important tip, and also the one I tend to break frequently; there should be no ‘I’ll just do it in the morning’,’I can leave that until before we leave’, ‘We’re not leaving until later, so I have time’; You don’t. You never have the time you think you might, there will always be things that come up the day you leave for your trip, don’t add the stress and panic of having planned to-dos right up until leaving, and finding yourself without time to get everything done. To start your trip, your focus should solely be on the logistics of leaving your home for your adventure.

Should you have extra time before departure; enjoy a relaxing cup of tea, arrive at the airport early and get some reading time in; or just sleep-in – opportunities are endless, when you’re prepared.


Bon Voyage!


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