Wednesday Workshop: Herbs for the Fall

The lamentation of loosing Summer to Fall has struck; and while apple picking, pumpkin patches, and sipping hot cider while the leaves change colour is inspiringly exciting – the loss of green, especially in the kitchen, can make anyone a bit melancholy.

Living in the North East means in the Fall fresh herbs come from a grocery store, not your garden that will soon be covered in leaves, and then (gasp) snow, for months on end.

To combat the limp grocery store goods and add a little life to your kitchen window sill; here’s a simple step by step to give your apartment that green boost!

What you’ll need: -bag of small rocks — local hardware store

-pot, and accompanying pot tray (I prefer the classic clay) –local hardware store

-preferred herb plants –skip the chain hardware stores (that often spray with pesticides)  for the local farmer’s market or greenhouse

-bag of (organic) potting soil — found at all hardware stores, but again; best to purchase where you purchase the plants


Step 1: Fill the bottom of the pot with rocks; toss in a small handful of soil, and pour in water – making sure the water will drain through the rocks and not pool.

(‘Rocks at the bottom of pots are added drainage’ is now considered a planting myth; that the drainage works just as well with, than without them – but it’s something I’ve always done, and it weighs down my pots just enough to keep the odd brush-past from the cats from toppling them over. So I continue with the rock layer.)


Step 2: Fill your pot with soil; just enough that when you remove your plant from it’s temporary pot it has about an inch to half inch of space to cover with soil, while the leaves aren’t covered; and there’s still about a half inch of space between the soil and rim of the pot.


Step 3: Lightly pack down the soil around the plant; adding soil if necessary – and give it a water. (Don’t pack the soil too tightly, you want the roots in the soil to be aerated, not suffocated; firm, but not smashed.)


Step 4: Give the plant a thorough watering; let it drain, and repeat.


Step 5: Put those beauties up on your windowsill! They’re ready to grow; make sure to water them per the instructions on the plant tags, and give them a sill that gets ample light; and they’ll provide you with fresh green-ness for seasons to come.


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