Thursday Thoughts: 3 Things to Help a Sleepless Night

When I have a busy week, with a lot on the ‘to-do’ list that hasn’t been accomplished by Thursday; that not-quite-insomnia but can’t sleep usually hits.

It’s the stress of having so much to do and so little time to do it in. Not all of it is dire, immediate; but for some reason my brain clicks into ultra-stress mode, which seeps into my post-work evenings, and keeps me tossing and turning; sleepless.

Three things I find help:

1. Hot cup of tea; (think chamomile, nothing with caffeine); nothing’s the same mellow as sipping a hot cup and staring into nothingness on a comfy couch.

2.A notebook; got a grand amount of thoughts keeping you up? Write them down, get them out of your head, and get some sleep; feeling slightly more organized for tomorrow.

3.Stretch it out; sometimes you have to spend that excess energy before you can relax; even if you’re exhausted, that pent up stress has turned into pent up energy; keeping you tossing and turning. Run through a simple five minutes of stretching out your tensed muscles; arms, legs, neck, back.

Goodluck, and Goodnight!


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