List for October

If all goes according to (scheduled) plan; I will be in both Montreal and New England this October; with that in mind, here is my list of fun for October:

-Roadtrip to ‘Foresta Lumina’ in Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook

-Check out the Jardins de Lumiere at the Montreal Botanical Gardens

-Celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving at the Lac des Trois Montagnes house

-Go see the Toulouse-Latrec exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

-Decorate the apartment for a Haunted (pre-)Halloween party

-Home-make Halloween costumes (as much as possible)

-Add some colour to the apartment before the cold weather sets in

-Enjoy the last few warm, sunny days on the terrace with tea and a good book

-Host a pre-Halloween party

-Decorate the New England house for Halloween

-Go apple picking

-Go pick out a pumpkin (or a few)

-Drink some cider, lots of cider

-Check out the Oktoberfest Celebration at Atwater Market

-Hand out candy on Halloween

What’s on your list?


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