Sunday Scheduling

As a new month begins I thought it was the perfect time to share my favourite ways of staying organized; structuring my schedule to help, not hinder, the daily hustle. Everyone has their particular ways of scheduling life. For my busy schedule on and off-line I use three methods to optimize my time and keep myself on point:


1.Notebooks:  I like to keep a notebook handy for ‘of the minute’ ideas, sudden to-dos to be added to the list for later, or general list making. I find it handy to have a notebook in my purse at all times, incase of those sudden ideas; scheduling events, and whatever else might come up over a coffee chat; the regular sized notebook is the most useful, but I also like to toss a miniature version in my clutch/small purses.


2.Personal Computer Calendar: doesn’t require an internet connection, so I can access everything that’s planned without having to access the internet; something that comes in handy when I’m in more rural settings and a wifi signal isn’t readily available.


3.Google Calendar: shared with the Mr.; country holidays and our favourite sports teams games synced, it keeps us up to date on everything from work, school, friend’s birthdays and events; when we’re in the same room or miles apart, we know what’s scheduled; keeping us from double booking a day or planning something during a playoff game (the biggest no-no in our home).

Those are the three ways I keep myself on point; what works for y’all?


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