Monday Munchies: Crockpot Leek Soup

Today I’m sharing one of my repeat favourites from the CrockPot original recipe book; we received ours years ago with a CrockPot as a Christmas gift, and we’ve been faithful users ever since.

What you need:





-Broth (Chicken or Vegetable)

-Cream (10%)

-Cream Cheese




1. Slice and wash (thoroughly – there’s tiny pieces of dirt and grit sneakily wedged in the leaves) the leek; add to crockpot.

2.Slice celery, carrot, and garlic; add to crockpot.


3.Add the chicken broth (vegetable broth tastes just as yummy) and set the timer; I usually go with 4hrs on high (instead of the 8hrs on low, since I work from home) and stir once in a while if you have the option – no biggie if you don’t.

4.Carefully (they’ll be piping hot) take your veggies (the recipe calls for a cup at a time, I usually fill my blender about half-way) and blend together with the cream and cream cheese. The more you blend, the less chunky your soup will be – instead of puree, I prefer a little bit of texture to my soup. Return mixture to pot and add a generous helping of pepper (I skip adding salt).


*Use a large mixing bowl for already blended veggies and cream – return completely mixed to crockpot.

This recipe makes a good batch; enough to both pop some in the freezer to enjoy later and serve, to enjoy immediately; enjoy!

ps. While I like to keep content original now on this blog; from time to time I will be sharing some of my favourite recipe finds; always including a link to the original content – never as an ad; simply a share of those favourites we make time and again (and always including our little, inevitable tweaks to the original).


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