Wednesday Workshop: Cards


I adore cards. I love to receive ‘snail mail’. There’s a special nostalgia about opening the mailbox and having a little something waiting for you.

My card sending game, however, isn’t all that strong – but I’ve been slowly working to improve on that this year; my goal is to pick special dates on the calendar, and make sure to send out a card to my friends and family as a paper celebration of the occasion.


the dates: -Birthdays; I prefer to customize a fun, blank-on-the-inside card, coordinating the pattern or theme (like the donuts pictured above) with the wrapping paper or general theme of the gift.

-Holidays (Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween, St.Patrick’s, ect.); I tend to steer clear of any religious overtones of the day, preferring to send something either seasonal and fun (like the black and yellow butterfly pictured above for Easter) or chic (like the marble print pictured above for Christmas/the Holiday season.) During the days when mailboxes will suddenly fill with religious symbolism, or practiced political correctness, I like to forgo either road entirely for a fresh take.

-Weddings/Engagements; for engagements I gravitate to fun colours or some sparkle (like the polkadots or golden glitter on dark blue pictured above.), for weddings I ALWAYS splurge on a specific wedding themed Papyrus card; preferring delicate texture and unique personality – and ensuring I’ll never repeat-send the same card.

International Day of Friendship; I never knew this day existed – and while it’s celebrated in various ways and dates in different countries, and promoted of course by the card companies, it was adopted by the U.N. in 2011 as a day (July 30th) to strengthen goodwill; I think it’s the sweetest of gestures to send a little note on an otherwise average day to let your friends know you’re thinking of them. (My pick this year will be the gold heart with pink border and black and white stripes – funky and fun.)


Happy mailing!


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