Monday Munchies: Hard Boiled Egg & Toast


Monday mornings sometimes need a little pick-up before the day even starts; enter a simple egg & avocado toast to make *while* you get ready for the day…

What you need:



-Bread (+Toaster)

-Hot Sauce


-Olive Oil

-Coffee (+coffee maker/hot water)


1.Boil water in a pot (for the eggs).

2.Add measured amount of coffee grounds to maker. In my case, I click on the kettle and pour ‘nearly’ boiling water into the glass Bodum of coffee grounds; letting steep.

3.Add eggs (1egg per slice of toast) to boiling water. For a softer hard-boil I turn the heat down to medium high and set the timer for 11minutes.

(As the coffee is prepared, and eggs boil – get ready for the day.)

4.Toast bread, slice avocado, & hard boiled eggs.

5.Spread avocado on toast, drizzle a light amount of olive oil and hot sauce; add slices of egg and dash of pepper.

6.Pour a cup of coffee, and enjoy!


Bon Appetit!


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